Marina Access & Pilotage

There is a VHF marine radio listening watch 7 days per week from 0730hrs to 1730hrs, on VHF Channel 80. Please call when approx 1 mile off to request a berth, alternatively call 01984 631264.

Marina Access Control

Vessel movements through the marina lock gate are controlled by AUTOMATIC traffic light signals which are as follows:

Traffic lights facing into the harbour (sea)

“Sea side” traffic lights consist of three red lights and three green ones. When the green lamps are illuminated  vessels may proceed through the gate with caution. When the red lamps are illuminated it means that vessels shall not proceed.

Traffic lights facing into the marina

“Marina side” traffic lights are intended to control the traffic leaving the marina into the outer harbour. They have similar form and function to those traffic lights facing “sea side”.

Tidal Streams

It is advisable to approach Watchet Harbour less than 2 hours prior to high water.

During the marina access period the flow across the harbour entrance is predominently westbound and attention must be given to this flow when approaching the harbour entrance.

Charts and Waypoints

Admiralty chart no. 1165
Harbour entrance – 51o11’.00 N. 03o19.64 W

Watchet is fronted by a rocky foreshore which dries out for half a mile. The harbour is tidal and the outer harbour dries completely. Pleasure steamers can be accommodated on the West Pier and other small pleasure vessels are allocated designated areas.

The entrance to the harbour lies between two breakwaters and is 28 metres wide. The breakwaters are marked with a lighthouse and beacon.

The navigational guidance published in the Macmillan Reeds Nautical Almanac is:
Navigation: Waypoint 51o12’.00N  03o18’.80W, 028o/208o from/to harbour entrance, 1.1M. Rks/mud dry 5ca to seaward. Beware tidal streams 4-5kn at sp offshore and around W pier hd. Culver Sand (0.9m) is approx 6M NNE, marked by ECM and WCM lt buoys. 5M E of harbour are Lilstock range target buoys. DZ No 2 SPM buoy, Fl Y 10s, bears 030o/3.2M from Watchet.

Lights and Marks: Two lit radio masts (206m) bearing 208o/1.6M from harbour entrance are conspic approach marks. Hinkley Point nuclear power station is conspic 7.3M to the E. W pier hd FG 9m 9M on Red (R) tr. E pier hd 2 FR (vert) 3M.

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Reproduced from The Macmillan Reeds Nautical Almanac 2001 with the permission of Nautical Data Ltd.